609 "WR" Squadron

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609 "WR" Squadron

No. 609 (West Riding) Squadron of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force, RAAF, was formed in 1936 and went into full-time service when the WW2 broke out. During the Battle of Britain 609 Squadron moved from RAF Northolt to RAF Middle Wallop to help defend the south coast of England, west of London, with their Spitfire Mk.I's. During August 1940 alone, 609 Squadron destroyed 46 enemy aircraft and on the 21 October 1940, the squadron became the first to achieve 100 confirmed enemy aircraft kills.

Early 1941 the squadron moved to RAF Biggin Hill and was withdrawn from frontline service   in November that same year to provide for a break after 18 months of continuous fighting a RAF Digby. In Feb.  1942, the squadron then moved to RAF Duxford  and was re-equipped with the Spitfire Mk.V.

Soon thereafter they began to replace the Spifires with the Hawker Typhoon in an attempt to counter the Luftwaffes FW-190 fighters. As it became clear that the Typhoons were much better suited for low level attacks against ground targets, the focus of 609 Squadron shifted to this kind of operations. The Typhoon proved to be a  tankbuster and  played an important role during the  German armoured breakthrough at the Falaise Gap in August 1944.   Later on that year, they moved to The Netherlands  and even further East to Plantlunne, Germany in April 1945.

By the end of the war 609 pilots had claimed 232 kills for 73 pilots killed in action.

Although  after the war  609 Squadron stood down and was transferred   back to the RAAF  flying the Mosquito NF.30, the Spitfire LF16 and  the Gloster Meteor, this collection  focusses on the airplanes 609 used during WW2: Spitfire Mk.1, Spitfire Mk.V and the Typhoon. In 1957 the squadron was disbanded only to be reactivated in 1999 609 Squadron is no longer a flying squadron as its role is now force protection: preventing  or minimising the effects of attacks on RAF Bases. Nowadays, 609 Squadrons is based at RAF Leeming.

The 609 West Riding Squadron scale model collection is a tribute to the men of "609" and the airplanes they flew between 1940 and 1945. All models are in 1/48th scale. Pictures of the models are available in a seperate album (opens in a new window) and contain both images of the how the model is built as well as pictures of the finished model. "Tally Ho"!

Completed Projects

Supermarine Spitfire MK.I

Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I

The Spitfire Mk.I was the mount in which the pilots of 609 took on the defence of England during the Battle Britain in the summer of 1940. 609 Squadron was operating from Middle Wallop  as well as forward base  Warmwell.  The Tamiya model is finished in the colors of Flt. John Dundas, DFC and Bar as flown on 13 August 1940. Fittingly enough, the model was completed on the evening of 12 August 2015, 75 years later!

Tamiya ~ 1/48


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