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31 Tiger Squadron was formed  on 01 Oct 1951 at Beauvechain.  It became part of the 10th Wing and is since 1955 based at Kleine Brogel Airbase.  In 1962, the squadron participated in the NATO Tiger Meet  for the first time.  Since then  the 31st Tiger Squadron has become one of the corner stones of the NATO Tiger Association.

In 1963, the Belgian Air Force acquired the Lockheed F-104G Starfigher for multi-role fighter bomber duties and in 1964 31 Squadron started to operate the F-104. After nearly 20 years of service, the last "104" flight took place in March 1983.  It's replacement, the General Dynamics F-16A Fighting Falcon had arrived one year earlier and in 1984 the Tigers were declared operational on the Type.

The 31 Tiger Squadron scale model collection focuses on the specially decorated airplanes that participated in the various NATO Tiger Meets over the years.   Mainly F-16s in 1/72nd scale, there is also  the F-104G from 1979 in the same scale as well as the 2014 F-16AM in 1/144th scale.

Completed Projects

F-16AM NTM 2014

F-16AM "NTM 2014"

The 2014 edition of the NATO Tiger Meet took place at Schleswig airbase in Germany. 31 Squadron was in attendance with the F-16AM  specially decorated for the occasion. It looked like the Tiger scheme on the tail was applied a bit too hasty  as the fin base wasn't fully covered with the tiger striping. This was corrected in time for the Spottersday, hosted at Kleine Brogel later in 2014. It is this "correct" version that Revell has replicated in 1/144th scale.

Revell ~ 1/144

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