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Because details matter

Building scale models is more than just a hobby, it has become a way of living.

Prior to the building process, an extensive research is done on the subject

enabling to build a replica as true as possible to the real thing

Books, and of course the internet are great sources of information,

and once the right angle of attack is chosen, the building process starts.

Scale model kits are improved by specific techniques and the use of widely available improvement sets.

The collection contains both modern jets and airplanes used during World War II,

whereby for the WWII models, there will always be a special story behind it.

Mighty Wings

... Cheap Trick once sang in the original Top Gun movie.

Since photography went digital, taking photos of airplanes has never been more easy.

The biggest challenge though is to find good spots and places to capture these mighty wings.

Airshows, spotter days or even spotter platforms can be packed with fellow spotters,

making it difficult to come home with photos that stand out from the crowd.

And yet, this is exacty what I try to achieve during visits.

Have a look in the airplane photo portfolio and find out if I succeeded.


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