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Aviation Scale Models


Scale Model Portfolio


The Aviation Scale Model portfolio gives an overview of the scale models built. Each image contains details of the captured model.

Scale Model Collection


The Aviation Scale Model collection provides access to seperate gallery albums for each of the avaition scale models built. The albums open in a seperate window and each contain the photos from the building process to the finished model.

609 West Riding Squadron

609 (West Riding) Squadron


No. 609 WR Squadron of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force, RAAF, was formed in 1936 and went into full-time service when the WW2 broke out. This collection is a tribute to 609 and the airplanes they operated during WW2, including Spitfire I and V as well as the Typhoon IB, all in 1/48th scale.

609 West Riding Squadron

31 Tiger Squadron


The 31 Tiger Squadron scale model collection focuses on the specially decorated airplanes that participated in the various NATO Tiger Meets over the years. Mainly F-16s in 1/72nd scale, there is also the F-104G from 1979 in the same scale as well as the 2014 F-16AM in 1/144th scale.

609 West Riding Squadron

Belgian Air Force


The Belgian Air Force scale model collection searches to provide an overview of the airplanes used by the air force throughout it's history. And while the focus is on 1/144th scale, 1/72nd and 1/48th scales are covered as well.

609 West Riding Squadron

Escadrille SPA 162






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